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Discipline of Management Science and Engineering


This discipline is authorized to confer doctoral degrees. A postdoctoral mobile station is hosted since 1998 under the joint support from schools of Economic Management and Civil Engineering. Construction projects are constantly provided by school of Civil Engineering as strong professional support. The discipline focuses on the study of management of engineering construction.

The faculty members of the discipline are currently undertaking a number of research projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), NPOPSS, National Significant Technical Support Plan, and other government agencies. A large number of construction projects funded by large enterprises and public institutions are also being conducted. More than 60 journal articles and conference papers and 4 books are published annually. In recent years, scientific and technological progress awards at all levels have been granted due to the outstanding contribution from this area. The research in this area dedicated to provide professional services for construction enterprises, real estate companies and large construction projects with particular emphases on the linkage between theory and engineering practice. To meet the demands of national economy and social development, the discipline aims to cultivate managerial talents with solid engineering background. The training programs enable the students to manage the economic evaluation of large and even complex projects as well as the entire process involved in project management. The students are also required to command a broad range of knowledge in closely relevant disciplines. In addition to joining the industry, the graduates are also well prepared for the academic community such as universities, research institutes, research and development division of large enterprise groups, and financial institutions of government.

1. Training target

The specific training targets of the students admitted in the discipline include: mastering Marxism basic principle, sticking to the four cardinal principles, being patriotic, observing disciplines and laws, serving the people and socialism construction. Graduate students are train to master strong theoretical basis and in-depth expertise in management science, economics, system science, and engineering management. Innovation ability, the ability to independently conduct scientific research, and essential skills to solve practical problems are also the targets. A minimum of one foreign language is also required for all students.

2. Main research areas

(1) Integrated management research of the life cycle of construction projects

(2) Construction management and enterprise

(3) Greening and digitization of modern real estate projects

(4) Urban construction and management

(5) Sustainable development of construction projects

(6) Management of international construction projects

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